Osiris Qualifies as Approved Supplier with BP Global Diving


Osiris has successfully passed an audit with BP Global Diving that sees them reach approved supplier status to carry out surface supplied air and nitrox diving and ROV services within UK and European waters in upstream and downstream projects.

The audit took place towards the end of 2014 and was conducted at the Osiris’ head office in Skipton, where a full review of the processes, facilities and staff competencies was carried out.

“Improving performance and being compliant within key markets involved in subsea engineering is important to Osiris and this is demonstrated with the second successful audit in recent months within the oil and gas industry,” said the company.

The 20,000 square foot industrial unit currently acts as the primary base of operations where all diving and ROV assets are mobilised safely and efficiently. The North Yorkshire based unit acts as a central hub for worldwide projects, which receives wider support from strategic shoreside bases such as Grimsby, which provides localised logistical support to various Clients’ operational requirements.

Commenting on the successful completion of the audit, managing director, Aiden West, said: “safety is paramount in the diving industry, but to be able to dive in the North Sea with a company such as BP demonstrates the levels of competency we are operating to. To have passed this audit is something that we are both excited about and proud of as the commitment demonstrated by the team here at Osiris has been exceptional”.



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