OSHA To The Diving Industry


Worker safety is always given high priority in major industries around the globe. In the commercial diving industry, there are several agencies and associations that govern the standards that companies must comply to in order to operate.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA plays a significant role in assuring the safety of employees regardless of the gender and the environment they work in. The agency publish industry standards, regulations and even provide training/education.

Not all countries are subject to OSHA compliance. The agency was established by the US Department of Labor therefore its regulations must be followed within the United States and its territories.

There are four major groupings that OSHA regulations apply to. They are as follows:

  • Agriculture
  • General Industry
  • Maritime
  • Construction

In the commercial diving industry, OSHA regulations are applicable in some areas such as compressed gases, head protection, respiratory protection, diving in confined spaces, first aid, tools and equipment and hazardous materials. However, as time flies and technology advances, some of these regulations become inapplicable or outdated. OSHA realizes this and take steps in revising their requirements. Industry professionals are welcome to provide suggestions that will be beneficial to commercial divers.

These rules are not only helpful to workers alone. It greatly helps employers and companies cost-wise because compliance prevents injuries. CDC references are also being considered by OSHA to determine the lying cause of divers’ accidents in order to improve safety and avoid repeat occurrences.


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