ONC Marks 10 Years of VENUS Ocean Observatory


In February 2016, the VENUS Saanich Inlet cabled observatory will celebrate ten years of continuous operation in supporting international coastal marine science.

To mark this occasion, Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) is hosting a two-day Symposium, at the University of Victoria on February 11-12, 2016.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and to present past accomplishments, report on the latest results from active research, and develop future observation plans and studies in this dynamic fjord,” ONC said.

The Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea (VENUS) has been in continual operation since February, 2006. Deployed in the coastal waters of southern British Columbia, the facility provides long-term oceanographic data on physical, chemical, biological, and sediment conditions in Saanich Inlet and in the Strait of Georgia near Vancouver, British Columbia.


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