Oil & Gas UK vow to improve helicopter safety



Oil & Gas UK has commented on the rescure of workers and crew after a helicopter ditched into the North Sea on its way to an offshore platform.

“Oil & Gas UK applauds all those excellent people involved in the swift and safe rescue of all on board the Super Puma that ditched in the North Sea last night, Wednesday, Feb. 18.

“UK helicopter operations are the safest in the world thanks to the oil and gas industry’s commitment to improving offshore safety performance over recent decades, through investment in research, new systems and new aircraft.

“Last night, the extensive training undertaken by offshore workers to enable them to escape safely from a ditched helicopter was successfully put into practice. Since 2004, BP has invested over a hundred million pounds implementing the Jigsaw system, a new regional approach to rescue and recovery offshore. The rescue was smoothly executed using these Jigsaw resources.

“But whilst this is the safest region in the world for helicopter operations, the UK oil and gas industry will not rest on its laurels. It is determined to continually improve and, notwithstanding the economic downturn, 2009 will see additional multi-million pound investment to further improve helicopter safety.”




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