OGP Executive Director to secretariat: prioritise in tougher times


    January 2009

    Following a good year for OGP, with significant achievements in advocacy, benchmarking and spreading best practice, the Association starts 2009 from a position of strength, Executive Director Charles Bowen told a meeting of the secretariat on 9 January.

    ‘And that’s just as well,’ he continued, ‘because the present economic climate could mean a difficult year ahead. An immediate impact on this will be a reduction in travel budgets ‘and this will lead to fewer members attending fewer meetings,’ he noted. A likely outcome of this is less member involvement in terms of sweat equity, which would inevitably mean more demands on the Association’s secretariat. ‘After all, the expectations of members will not change – and quite rightly.’

    To live up to those expectations, OGP will have to work better and harder, Charles said. For example, the Association is looking to install media conferencing facilities in London to minimise travel requirements for members. ‘And now more than ever, it is essential that we concentrate all our efforts on the issues that are most critical to the industry. We must not be drawn into secondary areas,’ Charles said.

    ‘The industry we serve is operating in a new context. OGP has to work within that context as well,’ Charles insisted.


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