Oceaneering opens new welder training facility



MORGAN CITY, LA — A state-of-the-art facility for wet and dry habitat welding training has been installed at the Oceaneering International, Inc. Siracusa Road location in Morgan City, Louisiana.  Diver/welders using the site can be qualified at 40-foot water depths.  The tank allows up to 4 divers to simulate underwater conditions for performing welding procedures used offshore during platform or ship repair operations to produce quality welds.

Design limitations, strengths and weaknesses, metallurgy and mechanical properties are all considerations that contribute to choosing the most appropriate method for a successful subsea repair.   Properly engineered, wet welding can be a cost-effective option for selected high quality underwater repairs.

For further information on the company’s wet welding or other specialized diving capabilities including dry habitat welding, contact Jack Couch:  [email protected] or phone at +1 (985) 407-8607.


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