Ocean Corporation: Commercial Diving Experience


Pristine reefs. Impossibly clear water. Beautiful, awe-inspiring marine life. These irreplaceable treasures are why you love to dive. How far would you go to protect them? Imagine a damaged oil rig, deep beneath the ocean’s surface, spewing thousands of barrels of oil into your favorite playground.

With time running out for marine life in the vicinity, it’s time to call the heroes. It’s time to call in the commercial divers. Commercial divers are an elite group. Their underwater office is deeper than most recreational divers ever venture, and their work is challenging—requiring them to descend hundreds of feet below the ocean surface to perform construction, inspection, repairs, and salvage on the world’s underwater infrastructure.

Do you have what it takes to join their ranks? Ocean Corp’s Commercial Diving Experience is your chance to find out. Watch the video to see all the exciting details.


Watch the video here





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