Observations from Underwater Intervention


    underwater intervention 2010

    Two days of Trade Show walking and here’s the new stuff that we here at cDiver.net have seen:

    • Seabotix unveiled a brand new model of ROV, the vLBV300.  We will have additional information on this next week along with photos.  Here is the model info for now: http://www.seabotix.com/products/vlbv300_overview.htm
    • With the industry being so slow and a lot of guys leaving diving for other work, there are a lot of helmets being sold amongst divers.  These are great deals for divers, but it makes it rough on small manufacturers like Gorski.  If you have a few extra bucks, show him some support and buy from him directly rather than re-sale.
    • Fisk Marine Insurance (not to be confused with J.W. Fisk Insurance) wins our award for “Best Tradeshow Display Booth”.  We’ll post pictures in a few days so you can see why.
    • In a big move, cDiver.net will no longer be charging employers for access to our resume system.  This means that employers around the world will have free access to post jobs, search our resumes and contact divers directly for work.  Our goal is to be the central source for companies to find divers and put you guys to work.

    We’re now off to the Integra Party on Bourbon St.  We heard a rumor that they downsized it to just the upstairs area this year.  Bummer…this economy thing really needs to turn around!

    Lots of photos and more details to come when we return home and have time to write it all up!


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