Nuytco Relies on SubConn Connectors

Operating out of Vancouver (Canada), Nuytco Research designs, builds and operates a range of atmospheric diving suits, submersibles, remotely operated vehicles, lights, thrusters and other specialty equipment for underwater applications. Nuytco and its sister company, Can-Dive Construction, hold more than 40 years of experience working around the world. 
Nuytco is best known for the DeepWorker series of 2,000 feet (600 meter) depth-rated microsubmersibles. One and two-person DeepWorker submersibles have been used all over the world for scientific, survey, construction, oilfield, tourism, film and photography work. Recent additions to the series include 3,000 feet (950 meter) depth rated models. 
The latest development introduced by Nuytco is the Exosuit atmospheric diving system (ADS). Based on the technology behind the ADS Newtsuit developed and pioneered by Nuytco founder and President, Phil Nuytten, the Exosuit is a light-weight, one atmosphere, hard metal suit that allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 1,000 feet (300 metres) and yet still offer exceptional dexterity and flexibility to perform delicate work. The Exosuit is able to maintain the cabin pressure of the surface and still allows the suit limbs to bend due to a unique rotary joint system. 
Efficient and reliable connectivity solutions comprise a mission critical constituent of high-tech underwater systems. For this reason, SubConn bulkhead connectors and cable assemblies, in a variety of designs and body materials, are used extensively on both the Nuytco manned submersibles and on the Exosuit. On the latter, SubConn 13 pin Power and Ethernet and 8 pin Ethernet cable assemblies allow for the transmission of high definition video imagery from the suit back to vessel or shore based operators. 
According to Nuytco Lead Engineering Technologist, Mike Reay, “the last eighteen months for the company have been all about the production of manned submersibles and Exosuits. So on-time and reliable delivery of mission critical system components is crucial in order for Nuytco to meet its customer imposed deadlines.”
Reay has been particularly impressed SubConn products’ performance in high pressure subsea environments and applications. “Coupled with timely local and global MacArtney availability and customer support, the excellent performance and reliability of SubConn connectors make them an integral part of Nuytco’s manned submersible product line.”


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