NRG Releases New Well Management Software


NRG, the well management company, has launched a well planning and decommissioning management application which, reportedly, allows well project teams to compile, evaluate and share data more effectively.

According to the company, WEii (pronounced WE2) is a modular application to share a common data source and encourage collaborative working, enabling teams to work efficiently to create operational plans, calculate AFEs, plan and manage logistics schedules, operational reporting, performance metrics and cost tracking.

WEii has been designed and constructed over a 3 year period to eliminate the issues around the inefficient management of complex data and the transfer of information for operations decision support.

Jonathan Redshaw, NRG engineering manager and WEii project manager, said: “We are excited to release WEii to the market as this delivers on the industries current needs to improve efficiency and lower well costs. NRG have been using WEii on well management projects since May 2015 and we have seen our wells team work more efficiently and deliver cost savings to NRG and our clients.”










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