NR 609 Bureau Veritas Rules for Diving Support Units


Bureau Veritas, the company that handles testing, inspection and certification services worldwide has recently issued a set of new rules regarding the classification of diving support units.

NR 609 impose certain requirements for vessels utilized for procedures that require personnel diving either on shallow waters that uses air systems or to a much more complicated saturation diving. Both are subject to the rules implemented by BV.

“The demand for diving support units is strong, with an estimated order book of more than twenty new build vessels” said Pierre de Livois, BV’s Senior Vice President.

These types of vessels already require special standard procedures in terms of technical characteristics but offshore vessel operators proactively requested BV to formulate the classification guidelines for these units specifically that of the Multipurpose Support Vessels or MPSV.

The note focuses on particular features that support professional diving such as the installation of diving plant on-board and an interface for the ship to the diving system.

The rule aims to emphasize dealing with issues like fire safety, energy supply, emergency escape ways, communication medium and oxygen storage. BV also took into account the recommendations of IMCA concerning diving.


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