Why SCUBA sucks: Now you get to pay to be in SAT…



    If money is not an object then there are some amazing experiences to be had…ice hotels, safari tents, a trip to space…but I bet spending the night undersea never came to mind.

    Jules’ Undersea Lodge is a two-room mini-hotel located at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. Originally built as an underwater research habitat, this pod under the sea is available to rent for the night.  

    Although it was built for research, Jules’ has been retrofitted to make guests comfortable for the night…the Lodge has air-conditioning, hot showers, an entertainment center and a fully stocked kitchen.  Your stay here also includes a gourmet dinner and breakfast prepared by their “mere-chef.”

    To get to the Undersea Lodge you must scuba dive, but they do offer a learn-to-dive package for the novice where you will earn either a PADI or NAUI certification.  If you are already certified, then your stay includes unlimited diving.

    A night at Jules’ costs $475 per person per night, and includes all meals and gear.  If romance is what you are looking for then their romance package is the way to go…for $1,295 per night, you and a loved one get the whole place to yourself…mood music and fresh flowers are also thrown in to get the party started.

    pay sat underwater



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