Novacavi Cables for INGV Equipment


Novacavi has recently engineered and supplied a special marine seismic data acquisition cable for INGV, the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

It is a custom designed and built cable to suit the needs of early detection and in real-time acquiring data of the Institute’s marine geophysical seismic monitoring equipment, the company wrote.

Novacavi has been involved to conceive and provide a 1500m one single length special tether cable for a newly developed jumper buoy to be positioned at depths in open sea. This fit for purpose cable has to be strong and resilient with a high working load for its long term and continuous dynamic application.

“Continuous development in seismic data surveillance calls for innovation in cables and Novacavi is proud to support this process with its production of high performance and reliable seismic and oceanographic cables”, remarks the company.


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