Norway: Seabed Purchases Schilling Robotics’ HD ROV


Schilling Robotics, LLC, experts in subsea systems, announced the delivery of a new HD™ ROV system to underwater technology firm Seabed. The order was for HD 23, which is a 150hp, 4,000m-rated ROV system and was delivered in December 2011.
“We are very proud to have added Seabed AS to our expanding customer portfolio. They are a discerning and innovative company, and we are delighted that they have chosen to expand their fleet with our products,” says Tyler Schilling, chief executive officer for Schilling Robotics.
The HD is a work-class ROV system that provides flexibility for construction, intervention, and IMR applications. Increased reliability and availability is inherent due to the integrated design philosophy for all major sub-systems. This drives a significant reduction in components, enables modular maintenance, and significantly reduces major component replacement timeframes.
The exceptional reliability, performance, and configurability of the HD make it an ideal solution for Seabed. Hans Martin Gravdal, CEO for Seabed, stated, “With our experience and expertise, combined with ultra modern vessels, the HD ROV system will complement and enhance our capabilities as a prominent subsea operations company.”
About Schilling Robotics, LLC
Schilling Robotics is a leading global, deep-ocean robotics company founded in 1985. Schilling is headquartered in California U.S.A. and has regional offices in Texas U.S.A., Aberdeen, Scotland, and Singapore. FMC Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry, has held a 45% interest in Schilling since 2008. In January of 2012, the company announced it will purchase the remaining 55% interest by March 30, 2012. FMC Technologies designs, manufactures, and services technologically sophisticated systems and products, such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry.
About Seabed AS
Seabed AS holds more than 30 years experience within a wide range of subsea operations through its founder Mr. Hans Martin Gravdal. Mr. Gravdal started his first Subsea Company, Geoconsult AS, in 1978. 27 years later he sold Geoconsult AS. In Seabed AS, this experience and expertise are combined with an ultra modern Vessel outfitted with a state of the art ROV and a one of a kind ROTCTM (Remote Operated Tool Carrier), please see separate articles. This unique combination makes Seabed very capable for every subsea operation.



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