Normand Vision Bags Delta House Gig in GoM


Ocean Installer has been awarded a contract for an umbilical installation project with Oceaneering for LLOG on the Delta House project.

The project is located in the Mississippi Canyon Area. This marks the construction support vessel (CSV) Normand Vision’s first SURF contract in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM).

The scope of work includes umbilical transpooling, pre-lay survey, installation of umbilical with dynamic and static sections and umbilical pull-in to the semisubmersible. Normand Vision will use the 1800te carousel on the back deck of the vessel to install the umbilical for the Son of Bluto 2 discovery in approximately 2000m water depth.

The offshore installation will kick off approximately 15th of January 2015. The project management and engineering is located in Ocean Installer’s Houston Office.



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