Noreco Drills Dry Well North of the Norne Field


The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate reported Friday that Noreco Norway’s wildcat well (6608/10-16) on production license 484 has turned out dry.

The well was drilled approximately nine miles north of the Norne field in the Norwegian Sea and about 135 miles west of Sandnessjøen.

The primary exploration target for the well was proving petroleum in Middle and Early Jurassic reservoir rocks (Fangst and Båt groups).

The secondary exploration target was proving petroleum in Early Cretaceous reservoir rocks (Lange formation).

Reservoir rocks were encountered in the Fangst and Båt groups and in the Lange formation, but with poorer reservoir properties than anticipated. The well only proved traces of petroleum in the Lange formation and Båt group, and has been classified as dry. Data acquisition and sampling have been carried out.

The 6608/10-16 well was the first exploration well to be drilled on PL484. The Bredford Dolphin (mid-water semisub) rig used to drill it will now proceed to production license 359 in the North Sea to drill Lundin Petroleum’s 16/4-8S well.



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