Next Geosolutions Starts CWA Project Cable Route Survey


UK-based geoscience and engineering services provider, Next Geosolutions, has resumed operations on CWA Project with its SV Kommandor Iona permanently fitted with a comprehensive survey spread.

The Cluster West of Adlergrund (CWA) project consist of multiple 220kV AC grid connections of the two offshore wind parks (OWP) “Arkona Basin South-East” and “Wikinger” located in the western Baltic Sea off the north-eastern coast of Germany.

The export cables corridor is approximately 90km in length from the landfall at Lubmin to each substation platform (SSP) of the OWP. Currently, three HVAC cables are planned.

The S/V Kommandor Iona will undertake a 3-month geophysical, geotechnical & UXO survey campaign to complete Next Geosolutions scope of work started back in 2015 with a 7-month survey programme onshore, nearshore and offshore.







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