Newbuild Dive Support Vessel Arrives in Western Australia


Neptune Marine Services Limited announces that the Bhagwan Dryden, a new-build Dive Support Vessel, built in collaboration with Bhagwan Marine, has arrived in Dampier, Western Australia.

As first announced to the ASX on 28 August 2012, the Bhagwan Dryden is a state-of-the-art 57 metre DP2 hybrid catamaran, with Neptune-supplied permanent air diving, inspection and survey capabilities. She has the capability to work in shallow waters, offering operational efficiencies at these depths and is also fitted with a TMS light work class Comanche ROV.

The Bhagwan Dryden will be based in Australia working predominately on the North West Shelf and has already successfully completed her first campaign, a mooring system inspection by Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for one of Neptune’s key clients. In October 2014, she will commence operations for another key client as part of a five year contract (with the potential for a further three year extension). Under this agreement Bhagwan and Neptune may market the vessel for charter to third parties.

The Bhagwan Dryden has 260m2 of clear deck space, DP2 dynamic positioning system, four point mooring system, emergency hybrid capability, firefighting capabilities (FIFI1) and is fitted with a 21 tonne deck crane and 20 tonne A frame.

Neptune Chief Executive Officer, Robin King, said: “The arrival of the Dryden in Australia reflects our successful collaboration with Bhagwan to jointly build a unique, purpose built vessel for projects and clients operating on the North West Shelf. The combination of Bhagwan’s vessel building expertise and our specialist services, offers clients a locally based complete solution for their inspection, repair and maintenance requirements.”



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