New Trends that are Shaking Up College Recruitment


With the current industry downturn and a significant slowdown in hiring, many are wondering how prevalent campus recruiting is these days. But despite a challenging market and mass layoffs, oil and gas employers still remain active in their college recruitment.

And much like technology and social media is changing the way recruiters engage younger generations, there are innovative trends that are disrupting campus recruiting – and a in a good way.

Nathan Parcells, vice president of marketing at LookSharp, an internship and entry-level jobs marketplace, shared five of these trends during Elevate 2015’s recent webinar:

  • Career Fair Alternatives: While career fairs still rank high, second only to Google search, for ways in which students search for companies, Parcells suggested employers implement other events to intermingle with career fairs. One is a hackathon – a day-long or week-long event in which students work together on specific software projects. Another option is an employer-hosted VIP dinner for top recruits or candidates to supplement a career fair. Recruiters can identify special students ahead of time and host a dinner with them as guests. And an alternative for those students who might find career fairs boring altogether is employers inviting students to their offices for a brown bag lunch and information sessions. This will allow students to see first-hand the employer’s work environment and tour the office.
  • Importance of Marketing Materials: Parcells said if employers are going to spend money on schwag (promotional giveaways), they should splurge on something that creates a positive brand impression. Parcells offered examples of some of the more well-received schwag: Chipotle burritos, miniature footballs, rubber speaker amplifiers and credit card holders students can attach to the backs of their phones.  
  • Use Technology to Follow Up Faster and Smarter: Technology allows for an improved experience for students and recruiters. More often, recruiters are using iPads and iPhones to collect student data. And to cut down on the long line of students waiting to speak to recruiters at a career fair, students can pre-enter a lot of basic information to cut down on the talk time. Students can also pre-register for events and information sessions. Technology allows for recruiters to stop collecting and worrying about hundreds of paper resumes; recruiters can now implement automated email follow-ups to students if they register using a mobile app.
  • Career Fair Pre-Promotion: Employers and recruiters can send out targeted emails and utilize social media to help promote their career fairs. Often times, students attend career fairs not even knowing which employers they want to talk to. Pre-promotion could prove advantageous for smaller companies with growing brands.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Whether it’s formulating a simple spreadsheet detailing how much money is spent on each career fair, how many interns are added and how many interns turn into direct hires or metrics and dashboard tools that can compare data year over year, analytics in recruiting methods are extremely helpful. It’s a way to get deeper and better insights into your programs. 







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