New medical chamber set up in Warwickshire



The Midlands Diving Chamber is a new diving recompression chamber based at the NHS Hospital of St Cross in Rugby, Warwickshire.  The new facility was set up by London Diving Chamber and is now open to treat divers with decompression illness. 

Dr Ian Sibley-Calder will be the Senior Doctor at Midlands Diving Chamber, an experienced Diving Doctor, who has worked in diving medicine since 1992 and writes a regular medical Q&A column in Diver Magazine.

Midlands Diving Chamber offers a full diving medical service for divers:


  • NHS Funded Recompression – for divers with decompression illness
  • Dive Medicals – Fit to dive, BSAC, HSE and offshore medicals for divers
  • Courses – Midlands Diving Chamber will be running PADI Chamber Awareness Distinctive Specialty and a Diver Medic Course
  • Dry Dives – for divers to experience narcosis affects within a controlled environment and an opportunity to test equipment
  • Free Travel & Diving Medicine Information & Advice  – e-mail access to a dive doctor whether from the UK or from remote locations
  • 24 Hour Advice Line – A dedicated telephone line for any diver concerned they or a buddy may have DCI (Divers will be directed to their closest recompression chamber)


If you would like to get hold of any emergency number cards for yourself or your dive club, please email us at [email protected]

Tel: 01788 579 555

Emergency Number: 07940 353 816


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