New Diver Trainer – The Underwater Centre


Commercial diving is a booming industry making it one of the most sought after careers in the energy sector today. The need for diver trainers also becomes more apparent with the rising number of commercial diver aspirants.

The Underwater Centre, Tasmania announced that a new Diver Trainer will be joining their team. David Loudon was a workshop manager from Gilbert Diving PTY Limited. He is PADI master SCUBA trainer/technical diver and ADAS qualified which will certainly be beneficial to dive trainees especially in the fields of safety and health regulations. He also took Supervisor Training and Certificate IV TAE in Training and Assessment to expand his people handling skills. His knowledge and experiences in this particular field will contribute greatly in the effort to produce globally competitive commercial divers.

David’s experiences range from maintenance jobs in dams, pipelines, piers including repair and inspection. He will be able to share his vast technical knowledge to the students regarding several assignments they may encounter. He said, “My new role at The Underwater Centre is training our students to be ADAS qualified commercial air divers, which will involve working very closely with them to ensure they have the knowledge and skills required. I am most looking forward to working with and helping students achieve their goals, imparting some of my knowledge and experience to assist them to become safe, competent and effective working divers.”

The center is offering commercial diving training for either air or saturation diving and ROV pilot technician courses. The company caters the need for expert commercial divers in the South East Asia region and provides internationally recognized Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme certification.



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