New chief executive at Red7Marine


Fast-growing offshore company Red7Marine Offshore has appointed its first chief executive.

Martin Myhill Sisley joins the UK’s leading independent air diving provider as its new specialist vessel, Red7 Alliance, arrived at its Great Yarmouth base.

The vessel – part of the company’s £25m investment in equipment this year – sailed into Great Yarmouth harbour on Sunday heralding the ambitious company’s expansion into saturation diving and bringing more jobs to the town.

With 25 years’ offshore industry experience, Mr Sisley, 43, is looking to expand the Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen-based company further, developing its expertise, fleet and services, exploring further in-roads into the oil and gas industry.

The company – whose turnover has increased 10-fold since its formation in 2008, from £5.5m to more than £50m this year – works in the offshore diving and support services market and in the renewables industry.

Mr Sisley’s appointment comes after Red7Marine Offshore was established earlier this year to run Red7Marine Group’s growing range of offshore and subsea services to the oil and gas and renewables industries.

He joins the company – which is soon to announce key on and offshore job opportunities and services for the Red7 Alliance as well as other career opportunities – from Ocean Installer in Aberdeen where, as managing director, he was its first UK-based employee, building a staff of 70 and a turnover of £25 million.



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