The Netherlands: Tender Issued on Soil Information for Potential OWFs


A European tender for the performance of geophysical and geotechnical soil investigations for offshore wind farm zones in the Netherlands was issued on September 5. Contractors are invited to digitally submit an offer for the public tender via TenderNed.

This public procurement process is supervised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, a part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands.

The purpose of the investigations is to obtain geotechnical and geophysical soil information of the wind farm zones suitable to progress design and installation requirements for foundations and cables.

The objective of this European tender is to conclude framework agreements with suppliers who are able to carry out the geotechnical and/or geophysical investigations required to obtain the soil information at the offshore wind farm zones at Dutch part of the North Sea. The soil information will be made available to the participants in the combined SDE+ grant and concession tenders for offshore wind farm zones in the Netherlands. The SDE+ (Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie/Stimulation of sustainable energy production) is an operating grant which encourages the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands.

In the offshore wind farm zones (to be) designated by the Dutch Government 3,450 MW new offshore wind capacity is planned.



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