Neptune lands US$45m in contracts



PERTH — Neptune Marine Services has secured new and extended contracts worth approximately US$45 million. Involving five of Neptune’s business units, the projects span Australia, Indonesia, India, Brunei, Hong Kong, the Gulf of Mexico and Russia.

On Australia’s North West Shelf, Neptune will perform an integrated survey and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) construction support project using vessel Neptune Trident DP2 and two of Neptune’s Swift XL work class ROV systems. In addition, Neptune will perform an integrated survey and ROV jacket installation support project that involves the use of two Neptune Swift XL work class ROV systems installed on a support barge. Also for the North West Shelf, the company was a five-year survey and positioning contract.

In other parts of the world, Neptune will perform a three-year inspection, repair and maintenance contract for production facilities in the Timor Sea. In Indonesia, the company will run an emergency ROV pipeline inspection project. Finally, Neptune was awarded an extension of its NEPSYS project currently underway in the Gulf of Mexico.


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