Nautronix Bags Ocean Installer Extension


Nautronix has been awarded a multimillion-pound contract extension to continue to provide survey services to Ocean Installer for the next 3 years.

Nautronix has provided their services to projects world-wide on all Ocean Installer vessels.

According to the Nautronix, with the growth of company’s survey services division there has been a significant investment in people and equipment, with the division now employing approximately 50 people and owning a significant quantity of survey equipment.

By securing this contract, Nautronix can continue to build and develop their survey services division as it looks to further expand the business.

CEO of Ocean Installer, Steinar Riise, commented: “We have been delighted with Nautronix’ performance over the last 3 years and the quality of service they provide is recognised by our teams onshore and offshore. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Nautronix in order to deliver the quality and value our clients expect.”

Nautronix CEO, Mark Patterson, said: “It has been a pleasure working with the Ocean Installer team. Our goals are aligned and we are working closely to ensure the end client gets a high quality, safe and cost effective solution. This commitment made by Ocean Installer to extend the contract for 3 years is a major achievement for the company and I am delighted that we can continue to grow the division in this challenging market where efficiency and value are key”.


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