National Parks, low gas prices fuel summer travel


Low gas prices and interest in the National Park Service’s 100th birthday are fueling summer travel this year, according to an expert from BJ’s Wholesale Club, who shares tips on how travelers can save money when filling up for vacation.

“Gas prices are significantly lower than last summer, making this a great year for driving vacations,”
said Krystyna Kostka, Vice President of Petroleum at BJ’s Wholesale Club. “The low prices and increased interest in our National Parks is driving more trips to BJ’s Gas ®stations as families fill up for their road trips. We’re also experiencing significant increases in demand for propane as families prepare to head outdoors for camp outs and barbeques.”

Kostka, who is responsible for 128 BJ’s Gas locations serving millions of Members, keeps a close watch on fuel prices and mileage trends.  According to Kostka, fuel prices are down nearly 50 cents a gallon over last year and supply is plentiful, making this a good time for an extra road trip. Propane prices are also near multi-year lows.

Industry analysts expect demand for gas to be the highest since 2007 as more Americans take to the road this year. Adding to demand is the interest in the National Park Service Centennial, which occurs in August.

To help smart families save on their summer fuel costs, Kostka offers five simple guidelines

1. Clubs on the Road. Not surprisingly, travelers can save significantly by filling up at BJ’s Wholesale Clubs before they start their trips. Map out fueling stops ahead of time to track the lowest gas prices near national parks and other attractions.

2. Fill ‘er up. (Tires Too.) Tires play a huge role in fuel efficiency. Properly inflated tires can help increase gas mileage. Also, it’s a good idea to check the recommended tire pressure including the spare before a long road trip.

3. Charge at the Pump.  Some credit cards offer gas discounts. For example, My BJ’s Perks™ MasterCard® holders save an additional 10 cents off a gallon at BJ’s Gas every day.

4. Pack Right. To avoid excessive weight on tires, pack only the essentials. Resisting the urge of bringing extra coolers, toys and clothes will result in a lighter car and better fuel economy.

5. Summer Grilling. Propane is an essential for many cookouts so make sure tanks are filled before your campout or barbecue. BJ’s offers propane refill and exchange at 171 locations.

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