MPA Singapore: Cable Laying to Start in Johor Strait


Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has informed that from from November 5, 2015 to March 15, 2016, submarine cable laying work will be carried our west of Tuas View Extension, Johor Strait.

According to MPA the works will be conducted between 07:00 and 18:00 hours daily, including Sundays and public holidays.

The work will involve the laying of submarine cables. The safety zone is a circular area of 50-meter radius centred at the barge. Divers will be deployed for the work.

The 70 meters long vesselĀ involved in the works, the CS Asean Protector, will exhibit the appropriate local and international day signals.

When in the vicinity of the working area, mariners are reminded to keep well clear and not to enter the working area, maintain a proper lookout, proceed at a safe speed and navigate with caution, maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 22 and communicate with Jurong Control on VHF Channel 22 for assistance, if required.







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