Monobase Performs GBF Model Test


Monobase Wind BV will be performing model test of the Monobase Gravity Based Foundation (GBF) from 17-28 November at the MARIN institute, in co-operation with Royal Haskoning DHV. 

The tests are to demonstrate the behavior of the Monobase GBF fully equipped with tower, turbine and blades.

“This concept is a novelty in our industry and the tests are an essential step in the verification of the concept,” the Company said.

The tests will cover all the essential steps of the Monobase GBF: transportation, free floating on-site, lowering of the towermat, lowering of the Monobase and the ‘in-place’.

The Monobase Wind concept is specifically designed for water depth of 30 m and turbines of 6 MW.

The main benefit is risk reduction by assembling the full wind turbine with the foundation inshore which allows a transport and installation method by tugs only, avoiding the use of Heavy Lift Vessels, Monobase Wind wrote in a press release.



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