Modified Falcon ROV for Rapid Search

photo from Mr Papageorgio

Saab Seaeye and LBFD updated the specification of Falcon ROV. The changes made is an advantage for underwater search which can cut the time of finding a victim from 3 hours to less than 30 minutes.

Its functions are highly needed in emergency services and homeland security, to the oil and gas industry, hydro engineering and marine science.

Engineers  modified it by managing the buoyancy of the ROV and balance it to stay afloat and remain stable for accurate sonnar scanning. Moreover by finding Falcon’s five powerful thrusters which could handle weight plus manoeuvrability while working deep water.

“We wanted something that was not too expensive,” explains Stan Jackson of the Long Beach Fire Department, “but could handle the technology, and work in confined spaces and out in the ocean. And also something we could get going quickly.”

“An ROV doesn’t need to see in the dark, it can work tirelessly and can recover the victim with its manipulator.” –  Stan Jackson speaking about the comparison of an ROV over a commercial diver.

Source: Subsea News



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