Military Diving


Exceptional technology for underwater missions
During underwater missions, diving equipment needs to be unfailingly reliable and unerringly simple to use – especially for divers in the dark. Dräger’s innovative diving equipment allows divers to focus completely on the tasks at hand. With Dräger, they don’t need to worry about their equipment. That’s why the US Navy SEALs have depended on our equipment for the last 40 years. Dräger diving apparatus allow special units to complete their missions with maximum success and minimum risk.

For stealth divers
The preferred diving apparatus for special diving units is the Dräger closed-circuit oxygen rebreather. Dräger LAR V underwater breathing apparatus enables special forces teams to complete their assignments in even the most hostile of underwater conditions. Its ergonomic design, compact size and streamlined, low-noise operation makes it an invaluable asset in clandestine operations.

Mine clearance divers
Dräger’s non-magnetic mixed gas device gives mine clearance divers the tool they need to secure vulnerable approaches to ports, as well as ships and submarines at sea. These advanced diving systems are non-metallic in accordance with STANAG 2897, Class A. Standard NATO mixtures B, C, or D are used.

Safe breathing conditions in submarines
Crews working and living in tight spaces on submarines must have a reliable supply of breathing air. Breathing management technology from Dräger ensures that CO2 concentration in the boat’s atmosphere is kept to a low level. On submarines, this is achieved by using CO2 bonding cartridges with Dräger’s proven soda lime. The result is safe breathing conditions on long missions





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