MH370: 8000 sq km of Seafloor Searched


Over 8000 square kilometers of the seafloor have been searched but no debris has been found relating to the missing Malaysian Airline.

The latest news on the search vessel movement tells us that Fugro Equator continues to conduct bathymetric survey work in the search area. To date, over 185,000 square kilometres of the search area have been surveyed. The vessel is expected to return to Fremantle in mid-December following completion of the current phase of survey operations.

Fugro Discovery departed Fremantle for the search area on 29 November. The vessel is expected to arrive at the search site today (4th December) to recommence underwater search operations.

GO Phoenix departed the search area 26 November to return to Fremantle for resupply, arriving on 2 December. The vessel is expected to depart for the search area in the next few days.

Sea states in the area are anticipated to range from 1 to 5 over the next four days and heavy weather has slowed Fugro Discovery’s transit to the search area. Overall conditions are expected to continue to be generally favourable during the summer months.



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