METAS Introduces Active Acoustic Oil and Gas Leak Detection System


METAS, a subsea solutions provider, introduced its new AALD, Active Acoustic Oil and Gas Leak Detection System, developed in close cooperation with FMC Technologies.

The system is designed for subsea installation, detecting even small amounts of oil and gas in ranges up to 700+ meters. Various alternative hardware applications are available with horizontal scanning selectable from 0 to 360 degrees and 0 to 90 degrees vertical for monitoring one or more potential locations in same area to fulfill customers need at different subsea installations.

For analyzing detected leakages, a software system is under development. A beta version already tested with very good results giving alarm on detected leakages and its location as well as trend indications for even small leakages.
The complete system, hardware and software, are now in the offshore qualification phase and the commercial version is scheduled to be available early next year.


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