MacArtney in Longest Subsea Water Pipeline Project


MacArtney has provided the underwater connectivity solutions for various instrumentation systems mounted on the transnational water pipeline between Turkey and Cyprus, currently under construction.

MacArtney has supplied SubConn® connectors to interconnect 145 cables of approximately 1000 metres length which will be attached to the water pipe.

At 1000 metre intervals, MacArtney have built special interconnect ‘T’ assemblies to interface the ends of the cable and to attach sensors for measuring water pressure and other parameters.

In addition to the cable interconnects and assemblies, MacArtney also provided 50 water blocked SubConn® penetrators moulded to pipe-attached transponders intended to warn submarines of the presence of the pipeline.

In the first such project in the world, Turkey will soon be able to pump water directly to northern Cyprus with the help of an 80-kilometre water pipe running under the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of up to 280 metres.

The pipe will be buried for the first 3 km, lay on the bottom for the next 5 km, be suspended offshore for 65 km, lay on the Cyprus-side seafloor for 3.5 km and then be buried again for 1.6 km.

Symbolically named ‘Baris Su’ (Peace Water), the project will bring 75 billion cubic metres of fresh water a year from the Turkish river of Anamur to Cyprus. About half of the water will be used for agricultural development and the other half as drinking water.



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