Lost and finally found wedding ring


Daniel Roark, a commercial and recreational diver from Massachusetts was diving off the coast of Playa del Carmen, Mexico when he happened to locate a golden wedding ring at the bottom of the ocean. The ring was engraved with the name “Jessica”, a date 16 02 13 and an acronym TYYJCEM (Tu y yo juntos contra el mundo) which means “You and I together against the world”.

Daniel posted his find on facebook: “Ok, so while scuba diving around Playa Reef, Playa Del Carmen last week, I happened to find this ring. Unfortunately there’s no way for me to know whether it was lost or intentionally thrown into the ocean. Assuming it wasn’t the latter, I’d like to find the owner so I can send it to them.” He also provided the email address [email protected] where he could be reached should someone familiar with the wedding band sees it. The campaign went viral with over 200,000 shares.

His search for the rightful owner was not easy for there were over 50 messages he received claiming for the wedding ring. Until one person introduced herself as cousin of the ring owner. Daniel was skeptical at first but she was able to present Jessica’s wedding photos which showed the identical couple ring. Daniel was able to speak to the ring owner Martin Castillo, husband of Jessica and he was able to confirm the ring size and present a purchase receipt.

The ring slipped off Castillo’s finger during diving off Baracuda Point on the day of their honeymoon. It took them five hours searching for it but eventually gave up. It was a year and a half ago and finally some “angel”, Castillo referring to Daniel, made it possible for them to see it again.



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