Lithuania Continues Search for An-2 Missing Pilots


The operation of searching for the missing pilots of the An-2 aircraft in the Baltic Sea carries on, the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence informs.

The An-2 and its crew lost contact on weekend in Lithuanian airspace and its two pilots have gone missing in the Baltic Sea

The LNS Kuršis (M54) mine countermeasures vessel located the missing An-2 on the Baltic seafloor, early evening of May 19.

The aircraft was found roughly 700 metres away from the last position of the aircraft traced by Sweden’s coastal surveillance radar and reported by the Swedish Joint Rescue Coordination Centre.

The aircraft was found in the depth of 124 metres. The underwater robotic video camera of the LNS Kuršis identified the registration number of the located aircraft wreck coinciding with that of the missing An-2.

The LNS Kuršis  and the LNS Šakiai search and rescue vessel were surveying the search area throughout the night (May 19-May 20) and are still there today.

The LNS Kuršis is carrying on with underwater search and is inspecting the An-2 wreck with its equipment trying to see the inside of the aircraft. On May 20 the underwater inspection was also carried out by a team with relevant equipment sent by Klaipėda University.

To this moment, no objects related to the operation have been located on the sea surface.

According to reports, the efforts will continue into May 21.






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