LIGHTPATH, A Road To Improving Safety


Limited to zero visibility is one of the hurdles that divers face underwater when doing their jobs. Countless incidents in the diving industry are caused by poor lighting.

PhotoSynergy Ltd has come up with a solution that can significantly improve safety for commercial divers especially those that works at great depth like saturation divers. The company has developed LIGHTPATH which provides lighting to saturation divers through the umbilical cable. The LED (light emitting diode) wraps around the diver’s umbilical in a spiral manner and can extend up to 100 meters.

LIGHTPATH also known as SLS2000 is a compact light source that illuminates up to 150 meters deep. There is no electrical power in the LED illuminator because the control box can be situated remotely such as on the surface, ROV or diving bell. It only requires approximately 7 watts for it to work making it extremely cost effective.

The idea is to be able to see the route of the divers’ umbilical which can significantly reduce underwater accidents.

“We had been testing the SLS5000 with a number of clients during its development phase and had received feedback from divers and their teams on the benefits of having a low power, minimal sized package, which would not impede the diver and which could be illuminated from the diver end as opposed to the dive bell end.

The first unit was ready for testing just two months after we received the initial feedback on specific requirements. As a sealed-for-life unit, it’s a first for PSL and simplifies the construction in terms of its complexity, part count and minimal size, and maintenance while retaining the lighting concept. It’s our aim to start sea trials by the end of this year at the very latest”, stated Don Walker PSL’s director.

LIGHTPATH has been tested in The Underwater Centre, Fort William.


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