Lifesaver Wave Energy Device Heads to Hawaii


Fred Olsen’s wave energy converter, “Lifesaver”, has left the A&P Falmouth shipyard for further deployment and electrical generation off the Pacific island of O’ahu, Hawaii.

The main sections of the device were manufactured, painted, assembled and deployed from A&P’s shipyard in Falmouth nearly three years ago and the device has since undergone successful rigorous testing at the local FaBTest wave test site in Falmouth Bay.

“This is testimonial to all involved in the design, cost saving and production engineering processes at A&P Falmouth and clearly puts A&P on the map for marine renewable energy. The in-house skills for steel fabrication, large machining facilities and painting capabilities used in manufacture clearly demonstrates that we can deliver innovative and complex projects that meet our customers expectations.

“Working with the designers’ and the client at concept stage early is clearly a winning formula and this has been proven on the successful outcome of the project.

“The redeployment of the device from the UK to the USA indicates that the UK is still currently on top when it comes to wave power,” stated Paul Weston, marine renewable energy manager.

Dr Alan Taylor, the local representative for Fred. Olsen added: “The proximity of the Falmouth facilities to the FaBTest site, and the support of the Harbour Commissioners and local supply chain has always been a winning formula – that has been proven by experience.  When testing prototypes, problems will always present themselves, and having partners to hand that are capable and willing to assist has been key to the success of this stage of the project. The test site at FaBTest has presented the device with a wide range of operating conditions – including some significant storm events – that have helped to prove the robustness of the design and helped us understand the real world operating performance.  The next step is to demonstrate this experience to new markets and set the scope for the next stages of the development of the technology.”



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