Lankhorst Starts Aasta Hansteen Mooring Rope Production


Lankhorst Ropes has started production for the Aasta Hansteen deepwater mooring rope contract at its rope manufacturing facility in Viana do Castelo in Portugal.

The Gama 98 ropes will be used to moor Statoil’s Spar platform located in the Norwegian sector of the Norwegian Sea, in a contract awarded by HHITECH (Hyundai Heavy Industries and Technip USA consortium).

Located in the Aasta Hansteen field, approximately 300 km west of Bodø, the Spar platform will be moored with 17 polyester mooring lines in groups of 6, 5, and 6 lines at a water depth of approximately 1300 m. Lankhorst Ropes is supplying 36 rope lengths totaling over 43,000 metres of Lankhorst’s Gama 98 polyester deepwater mooring rope with minimum breaking strength of 1905 T (4200 kips).

Integral with the rope construction is a cut resistant jacket (based on Dyneema fibre) developed by Lankhorst Ropes.





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