Korean authorities admit independent divers are more capable (VIDEO)


The divers who successfully pumped air into the sunken Sewol-ho ferry and entered the second deck to search for survivors were neither Navy nor Coast Guard divers — they were divers working for private companies.
Currently, hundreds of private divers are helping out in the rescue operations. And the Coast Guard admits that these divers are better.

“We have to say that divers from private companies are more able to search the ship underwater and also in rescue operations.”

The other advantage they have is the quality of their equipment.
Private divers are using remote-controlled submersibles and other high-tech gear that allow them to communicate and breathe at the same time.
This equipment, experts say, is far more developed than the ones used by the Navy.

Families awaiting news on their missing loved ones are demanding to know why private divers have not actively been taking part in each and every stage of the search-and-rescue operation.

They point to what they say is a lack of cooperation between the Navy and the Coast Guard, and the private divers from the very beginning of the search.




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