Kongsberg Picks Resolve Optics for Its CAMDS


Resolve Optics’ Z-10 high definition zoom lens is being used by Kongsberg Maritime as a key component of autonomous camera systems being deployed to monitor methane seep and hydrothermal vent sites deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Kongsberg Maritime cabled IP Digital Still Camera Stations (CAMDS) are being supplied for the regional cabled observatory component of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program in the North East Pacific Ocean off the West Coast of the United States of America.

Designed for real-time imaging via the cabled observatory’s Internet connection, the regional CAMDS systems are being deployed as part of the OOI at methane seep and hydrothermal vent sites deep in the ocean where they will remain for one year. They will capture images of the evolving vents and the bacterial and animal life that grows around them. All components in the CAMDS systems, including the connectors, are made of titanium so the unit can be deployed at a depth of up to 3000 meters for up to a year without maintenance. The whole payload is mounted on a pan and tilt unit so the user can point the camera at desired targets.

Mark Pontin, Managing Director of Resolve Optics, commented: ” The Z10 was selected due to its uniquely compact size, 10 x zoom capability and HD image quality.” He added: “The Z10 enables Kongsberg to keep their CAMDS system as small as possible whilst still providing top quality images.”

The Z10 is able to focus upon objects as close as 450mm from the lens. The motorised Z-10 HD lens is around half the size of and lighter (500g) than other comparible zoom lenses.



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