Join a cDiver group to get notified of new job posts


    Every job posting on gets reviewed by one of our team members before it goes live online.  How does this benefit you?


    We can send out a message to the groups in the community who may be interested in the new job postings.  For example, members of the Canadian Divers group will get a short message when a company is posting looking for Canadian divers.  If you are a member of Air Divers Looking For Work, you’ll get a message when a new inland or shallow water dive job pops up.

    Don’t see a group that you would fit into?  Form your own!

    We also send out short job blasts on Twitter, so you can be the first to know when new jobs get posted.


    Doing our best at keeping you informed and employed,

    Doug Jobs and News Content Manager
    [email protected]


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