JFD Develops New System to Improve Diving Safety


JFD, the subsea operations and engineering company, part of James Fisher and Sons, has launched a new Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus (COBRA) for commercial divers.

According to the company, the bailout system, designed and developed by JFD as part of its Divex range of rebreathers, extends the duration of the supply of emergency breathing gas, delivering 45 minutes of emergency life support at a depth of 120 meters.

The system is designed to be smaller than most bailout systems, ensuring COBRA does not impact on the operations of the diver.

COBRA is a mechanical system, operated via a single turn activation and can be tested prior to its use without affecting its functionality.

COBRA-2016-LogoGiovanni Corbetta, managing director at JFD, said: “Modern diving operations bring significantly more risk, and continuing to use systems which can only provide a few minutes of emergency gas puts lives in danger. The COBRA system has been rigorously tested and has a proven ability to significantly extend the provision of emergency life support without impacting the operations of diver, allowing them to carry out their duties with minimal risk. Our entire focus and commitment as a company is founded upon improving diver safety and setting new benchmarks within the industry.”



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