Impacts of Deepwater Horizon Spill on Organisms on Shipwrecks

Added by Amr Fathalla

Researchers are investigating the impact of oil spilled during the Deepwater Horizon tragedy in 2010 on living organism.

The research team from Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) lead by Chris Horrell – Historic Preservation Officer and Senior Marine Archaeologist has a main goal of determining how the 2010 oil spill tragedy affects the living organisms.

Investigation were done using the Six shipwrecks as part of this study: three wooden-hulled sailing ships dating to the 19th century (Ewing Bank wreck‎, Viosca Knoll wreck, and Mica wreck) and three World War II-era steel-hulled vessels (Halo, Anona, and U-166). These sites were originally discovered and investigated prior to the oil spill on 2010.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management funded the study with the participation of George Mason University, University of Mississippi, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, University of Montana, Naval Research Laboratory, PAST foundation, C&C Technologies and Droycon Bioconcepts.


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