IMCA Welcomes New Technical Adviser


IMCA or International Maritime Contractors Association is an international association involved in providing offshore, marine and other underwater engineering solutions. There are currently 970 members across the globe and has four technical divisions catering vessel operation, offshore diving, hydro-graphic survey and remove vehicles.

Royal Navy diving expert Chis Baldwin will be joining as a Technical Adviser together with the other eight existing advisers along with the IMCA’s Technical Director Jane Bugler according to the secretariat of the association.

Chris was in the Royal Navy for 29 years. He was recently a Diving Regulator and Superintendent of Diving in the United Kingdom MoD’s Defence Safety and Environment Authority. He possesses skills and experiences in the field of commercial diving, safety auditing, competency training, ROV operation, ship and offshore installation security making him a very suitable candidate for the position.

“He is working mainly in the Marine and Remote Systems and ROV Divisions; acting as Secretary for the Remote Systems & ROV Division Management Committee; and manages the CMID (Common Marine Inspection Document) scheme.” The IMCA CEO Chris Charman delightedly welcome Baldwin. “He leads on maritime security business and, after completing the basic DPO course, also assists in the DP area. He completed an MSc in Project Management in 2004 and holds vocational qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety, Accident Investigation and is a qualified OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor. He is ideal for the post – a round peg in the proverbial round hole, and has already made himself an invaluable team member.”

Baldwin is enthusiastic to meet the people working in the business and explore the industry’s dynamic environment. He wants to gain a deeper knowledge about the common issues and provide the best support and assistance he can offer to the members of the IMCA including the industry’s manpower.


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