IMCA Safety Flash – March 2009


Diver Entrapment
A member has reported in incident wherein a diver became trapped by a water jet weight coat removal (WCR) tool, which he was attempting to secure to a twenty inch subsea pipeline.  The WCR tool had been landed directly onto the pipeline, rather than the seabed as had been originally planned. During operations to secure the WCR tool, the tool moved on the pipeline, trapping the diver.  An airbag was attached to the WCR tool and inflated to allow the WCR tool to rotate on the pipeline and free the diver.  The diver was freed without sustaining any injury.

Dive Bell Gas Loss During Internal Bell Checks
A member has reported that the aft dive bell onboard a dive support vessel suffered a gas loss while pre-dive bell internal checks were being carried out.  One diver (the bellman) was carrying out the bell checks while two of his colleagues remained in the compression chamber.  During the internal checks, a bell flooding valve was accidentally opened as the diver’s umbilical made contact with it, allowing dive gas to escape from the dive bell.

Crushed Finger
A member has reported an incident during a dive support vessel transit from port to an offshore location, a diver sustained an injury to two fingers of his left hand.  The diver was in the aft transfer lock and was holding a chamber door open to allow a colleague to transit between the chamber and transfer lock. When holding the door open, another door in the aft transfer lock swung open, trapping the diver’s fingers between the two doors.

Near-Miss Incident Involving a Diver’s Umbilical
This incident was reported in the UK Association of Diving Contractors (ADC) Safety Alert 3/08 – Very near-miss incident involving a divers umbilical – which was reproduced and circulated to members under IMCA safety flash 15/08 item 4.

Bolt Failures on Lawson ROV Launch and Recovery Systems
A failure of bolts connecting the snubber docking box and sprung frame assembly through the snubber rotate bearing to the raise-lower frame occurred. This allowed these assemblies to separate from the snubber and the latched in TMS and ROV to fall to the deck. No injuries were reported.

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