IMCA Safety Flash – June 2009


Fatal Electrocution

IMCA has learnt of a fatal incident in which a person was electrocuted. A rig sub-contractor suffered fatal injuries from
electrical shock whilst performing a welding operation. A lamp used to illuminate the worksite was found to be a potential
source of electrical shock as the lamp’s electrical cord was found to have been damaged. The damage may have been caused by a pinching action of the cord between the loose mounting bracket of the light and the light housing which was observed to be in contact with the victim’s body.

Electric Shock Near-Miss

A member has reported an incident in which an employee sustained an electrical shock whilst re-routing a work class
remotely operated vehicle (ROV) tether. The ROV and tether management system (TMS) have separate electrical supplies
and separate electrical circuits. At no point in the operation was power ever supplied to the ROV through the soft tether
either deliberately or accidentally.
The ROV electrical power was isolated and locked off in order to allow ROV personnel to remove the tether from the
vehicle. The TMS power supply was not locked off, in order to allow spooling to take place. Prior to removing the tether
from the ROV, technicians used the correct test equipment and earthing equipment to ensure that there was no electrical
power at the topside power distribution junction box and at the subsea ROV junction box.

Lifeboat D-Ring Failure

Members’ attention is drawn to the attached document from the Marine Safety Forum regarding the failure of a lifeboat

Worker Fatally Injured During Pipelay Operations

Members’ attention is drawn to the following safety flash from the US Department of the Interior MMS (Minerals
Management Service for the Gulf Coast Offshore continental shelf), regarding a fatal incident during pipelaying operations.


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