IMCA passes the 600 member mark in international membership



Well over 600 companies in 52 countries are now members of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). This news will be officially announced at a function being held at Offshore Europe on Thursday 10 September by the association, which represents offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies.

“Only a year ago we were able to announce we had reached 500 members, and a year before that at Offshore Europe 2007 we announced we had 400 companies in 47 countries; now we have reached 625!” says Hugh Williams, IMCA’s Chief Executive. “The past year has seen truly dramatic growth in terms of both the number of member companies and geographical reach – no mean feat considering the state of the economy and the industry. ¬†Our members are realising the benefit of speaking with one voice; benefitting from the IMCA ‘knowledge base; and, sharing information’.”

IMCA reached 200 member companies in 2002; and then took four years to pass the 300 mark in 2006. “It is most rewarding to think that just three years later we have more than double the number of member companies with a far wider geographic spread,” says Hugh Williams.

“It is very much the international aspects of IMCA that have helped the membership numbers increase so rapidly; the global spread of our message has generated growth across all membership categories from Contractors and Suppliers, through to Corresponding Members who are our oil company, government agency and other associations in membership. We have a very definite role to play helping to ensure safe operations throughout the industry.”

IMCA President Johan Rasmussen, Corporate VP and General Counsel of Acergy, explains: “IMCA has made a huge effort to raise its profile all round the world and support our international commitment, resulting in the remarkable growth in members over the past year.

“Why does IMCA exist?” he asks, going on to answer his own question. “To promote our members’ interests. This means ongoing improvements in health, safety, environmental standards, training and competence, promoting equitable contracting regimes and lobbying for better regulation for a safer, more efficient and thus successful industry. These are goals from which we surely all hope to benefit.

“How do we achieve them? We produce a variety of good practice guidance, technical reports, incident analyses and other documents. Their value is shown when they are adopted by contractors (as well as clients, regulators and suppliers) and used to help ensure safe and efficient operations. We also facilitate dialogue not just between members, but with other contractors (potential members), oil companies and other clients, suppliers and regulators. Why do these organisations listen? Because IMCA has earned a reputation for the quality of its guidance, the usefulness of information sharing, and the expertise of its committee members and staff.”

In compairson to the IMCA membership figures, the USA-based International Marine Contractor’s Association has over 500 members companies in 41 countries.


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