IHC IQIP Expands Foothold in Australia


IHC IQIP, part of Royal IHC, is expanding its global presence with a new office and yard in Perth, Australia.

The company has also announced the acquisition of its Australian agent Machinery Supply on the 4th of May. The new facility provides the rental and sale of foundation, installation and decommissioning equipment and aims to increase its service level to clients active in the oil & gas and coastal & civil market in Australia and New Zealand.

Increasing its local presence globally is an important part of the overall IHC IQIP strategy, states Jan Albert Westerbeek, Executive Director of IHC IQIP. “As our existing customer base grows to include clients that operate all over the world, the demand to be served locally also increases, ultimately requiring equipment and servicing to be available nearby. Our intention is to develop into a true international company, using our footholds to be as close to our customer base as possible.”

Through Machinery Supply, IHC has maintained a solid presence in the Australian region for many years, already offering Hydrohammers, vibratory hammers and FUNDEX foundation rigs to the local customer base. In order to further expand the level of service and to provide access to its full range of equipment, IHC has acquired its agent, the company said.


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