IHC Dive Control Container


Commercial diving can be a dangerous profession. This is one of the primary reasons for the emergence of several companies that develop tools and equipment to assist divers in performing underwater tasks while ensuring that their safety is given the utmost priority.

IHC Hytech, part of the Royal IHC company,  is one of the leading designers of commercial diving equipment in the industry. At their base in Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands, they are constructing a new dive control container that will be useful in the field of commercial, military and salvage diving operations.

One section of this equipment is called dive control section. It is equipped with air-conditioning system and a couple of heat preventing windows to provide an external vision for the person utilizing it. The adjacent wall comes with a whiteboard for jotting down notes. A similar whiteboard is expected to be put in the other section of the dive control container. Monitors are also installed to see deck activities.

The three color coded sections of the diving control panel in the equipment are in compliance with the IMCA guidelines.

The second section is the dive helmet workshop with a desk and helmet storage.

One of these new dive control containers is already delivered and being used at the moment.


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