IHC Air Dive Spread for Seascape Surveys


IHC Hytech, part of Royal IHC, is currently building a containerised air dive spread for Seascape Surveys, a subsea service provider in Indonesia.

Seascape Surveys is part of the Mermaid Subsea Services Group. According to IHC, this system is fully ABS interim class certified and IMCA compliant. It consists of two containerized 1,600mm double lock decompression chambers with two separate containers: a dive control system and machinery that will be modified.

The company says, it is the biggest of this type of air-dive spread being made for the South-East Asia region by IHC Hytech.

Furthermore, two diver handling systems are also part of this project. Divers can be transported to and from subsea work site using the LARS. The air dive spread also contains a variety of personal diving equipment.

This air dive spread is the first one built by IHC Hytech with an integrated Dive Cert. This is a certification, planned maintenance and asset management software package designed for the diving industry to comply with IMCA guidelines and global diving standards.


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